One Strawberry Daiquiri Inna Big Gulp, Please.

Will not perv, will not perv, will no perv... *chants at great length*

But stalking's good! Yay!

... Oh honestly, TR. Snap out of it!

Dammit, I have such a weakness for androgynous people. Stop flaunting yourselves in front of me! Evil evil evil! *sobs*

Coming to you liiiive from Perth!
It seems that my friend has an internet connection in her place. Heh. *is very happy*

Speaking of happiness, happiness is waking up after a long night's rest on a comfortable and warm bed, having chrysanthemum tea, microwaved overnight pizza and smokes. And oh yes, listening to Leslie Cheung's best hits. I have found my piece of nirvana.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I really do. May this day be filled with love and hugs and lots of choccies for ya. ^_^

As for myself, the person I'd love to spend V-day with me is several miles away, across the bloody South China Sea, and I'm missing her so very much. Do not console me, I'm gonna wallow in my misery like a proper student of Pertrarchan ideology (oh wouldn't some people be so proud? *sarcastic*), and since I'm outta cigs and liquour (not that I have much to begin with), living through tonight is gonna be a long, rough and arduous task ahead of me.

I've developed a taste for Smirnoff vodka. ;_; I wanna go back to HK! I wanna go back to the bright light in all my darkness! And I wanna go and drown myself for being so dramatic that it's gonna hurt when I return to read this post later!

BOB! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!! *whacks Bob* This is the umpteenth time you have to go wonky on me, and I am so gonna scrap you, you worthless piece of junk! *kick kick kick*

*ahem* There's something wrong with my computer and now I am reduced to sneaking to my sis' room to borrow hers so I can go online and surf for fanfics. Right now, my eyes are bleary and tired from staring at my sis' screen because nearly all the words are displayed in really big font and I am having a major headache. Also, it's too bright and cheerful. Happy, happy... I am gonna slap desktop!Eeyore's face soon. Grr...

Hate happy. Hate hate hate *stabs*

Today sucked majorly. Of all days, it had to rain heavily today and today's the day we go to the temple for prayers and to visit my grandpa. Of course, we have to remove our shoes to go in, and there's this one particular open area praying place where there are puddles everywhere and guess who stepped on all of the big ones? Grrrowl. Why must the floors be black marble? Can't see fuckin' puddles anywhere.

Hate this week. It's gonna be horrible. Particularly Thursday. Results will be out by then. *dies*


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